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Kallie Foutz Parker

Kallie Foutz Parker

My sister, Kallie Foutz Parker, wrote this short auto-biography at the end of her life.

“I am a Great Grand-daughter of Brigam Young. My Mother’s father was Brigam Young, Jr, who crossed the Plains with his father at the age of nine. He and my Grandmother, Abigail Stevens, were married when she was sixteen and he was fifty-two. She was his fifth and last wife.

I was born in Fruitland, New Mexico, but the family moved to Salt Lake City when I was five. I attended the L.D.S. (Mormon) High School there, and then went to Riverside College in California for my Freshman year of college where I majored in Dramatics and won the lead in the Annual College play…THE YOUNGEST.

I returned to Salt Lake and graduated from The University of Utah where I majored in English and Journalism. After graduation, I had my own column in THE DESERET NEWS and also gave fashion chats over Station KDYL. Then I joined the staff of The Paris Company Department Store as a Fashion Coordinator and advertising copy writer. I was in charge of the first closed circuit television program ever broadcasted west of the Mississippi.

I then went to New York for a stint with MADEMOISELLE Magazine, and did some modeling for Bonwit Teller.

I married Norton Parker and produced a daughter the first year, Patricia Belle. When WWII broke out, Norton was commissioned an officer and sent to the ARMY PICTORIAL CENTER in Long Island where he was in charge of the production and responsible for the writing and filming of all training films for the troops.

I have travelled extensively, and my favorite city is London, where I have spent a great deal of time in the past ten years. My present home is on Paradise Mountain Road in Valley Center…on a beautiful four acre rancho that belongs to my daughter Patricia and my son-in-law Karl Weise. I have my own guest house nestled in a clump of hundred year old oak trees… and we share two Great Danes and three Chihuahuas and two cats who seem to have adopted us. I do a little gardening and a great deal of reading and writing. It is a good life.”

This brief end-of-life autobiography of my sister was sent to me March 12, 2014 by Kallie’s daughter, Patricia Belle Weise. Kallie died February 4, 1981 in Valley Center, San Diego, California and her ashes are scattered in Valley Center, where she wrote this brief auto-biography.

She had a varied writing career writing primarily magazine articles. She supported her travels with travel articles, wrote short humorous filler articles for Reader’s Digest and other outlets, and wrote for the fashion industry. She was also a live-in ghost-writer for celebrities writing books published under their name. She declined to be co-author because she hated the required book tours. She wrote one novel, Time of Fury, with her husband, Norton S. Parker. She also supported her husbands writing career, typing and editing his manuscripts.

Her trip to New York is minimized in her brief biography above, but is expanded greatly in the Ugly Duckling writeup.