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Kallie Foutz Parker

Kallie Foutz Parker

My sister, Kallie Foutz Parker, wrote this short auto-biography at the end of her life.

“I am a Great Grand-daughter of Brigam Young. My Mother’s father was Brigam Young, Jr, who crossed the Plains with his father at the age of nine. He and my Grandmother, Abigail Stevens, were married when she was sixteen and he was fifty-two. She was his fifth and last wife.

I was born in Fruitland, New Mexico, but the family moved to Salt Lake City when I was five. I attended the L.D.S. (Mormon) High School there, and then went to Riverside College in California for my Freshman year of college where I majored in Dramatics and won the lead in the Annual College play…THE YOUNGEST. Continue reading

Do Not Amputate the Leg!

The four-door sedan swerved off the road somewhere between Barstow and Las Vegas and rolled over eight times. A dust plume marked the spot where it came to rest upside down on the hot desert sand. Several following cars pulled over to help, but no one expected to find any survivors in the wreckage. Continue reading

My Sister, the Ugly Duckling!


Kallie Foutz, The Ugly Duckling, My Sister

My older brothers told me my sister was the ugliest girl in America—which was not quite true, although she did win the contest that labeled her an ugly duckling over several thousand others. This is the story of her transformation from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan as told through my young eyes and documented in Mademoiselle magazine.

I was six years old and my sister, dressed only in a slip, had invaded my territory — the kitchen. She needed the kitchen mirror to complete her transformation into an ugly duckling.
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