Airmen Entrepreneurs

T-33 jet trainer, Lockheed’s Shooting Star, Laredo AFB, 1953 – Photograph by Jerrold Foutz

The time was 1953 and the place was Laredo Air Force Base, Texas. I had just walked onto the flight line when the Air Police pulled up and asked me to place my photography case on the ground and step back.

The problem was that a Staff Sergeant and myself (an  A/3C) were making nearly as much or more money each month  than the Base Commander. To compound the problem, we were making all of it by selling pictures to the the cadets that the same Commander was responsible for training to be jet fighter pilots

One of the cadets complained that we were charging excessive prices for the photos and that started the investigation.
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Philanthropy With Other’s Money


Controllers of Your Tax Dollars

I like giving away money to worthy causes. I have probably given away a million dollars for research and development in the field of power electronics.

None of it mine, much of it yours.

I may have been doing it earlier without realizing that you can be be a philanthropist with no money, but the idea crystallized in the 1970’s in San Diego, California, when I was a member-at-large of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) San Diego Section Executive Committee.
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