What’s the best part of retirement for me and my wife? It is starting each day with coffee, biscotti, and morning conversation, our morning talks.

To make things even better, there is a ritual associated with the break-of-fast each morning.

Dee and Jerry

Dolores and Jerrold Foutz – 2012

The ritual starts the prior evening when a canister of fresh dark-roast coffee beans is opened. When the canister is opened, Dee and I insert our noses into the canister and breath deeply.

Then filtered water and eight scoops of coffee beans go into the grinder/brewer and off to bed we go.

The next morning, the first one downstairs punches the button and the harsh noise of the conical burr grinder acts as an alarm clock if one of us is still sleeping. If that doesn’t work, the aroma of fresh brewed coffee drifting up the stairs to the bedroom always works to launch the tardy one downstairs to break fast and start the day.

The day always starts with a chocolate drizzled biscotti dipped into rich black coffee — and the morning talks begins.

So what do we talk about? The experiences of life that have made our eighty or so years on this planet so rich and meaningful to us.

Which gets us to the purpose of this blog — to record those experiences for our children, grand children, and perhaps others who might find interest in our morning talks.